Battle Royale in the Sky

Imagine yourself experiencing epic dogfights in your P-40C Warhawk flying against 100 pilots
in a WWII setting! Dive into a massive free-for-all arena set in a South Pacific island chain map.
As the fight progresses, the active area slowly shrinks, forcing all pilots into close proximity,
resulting in wild, unpredictable dogfights where there is no place to hide! Want to have your
friends fly as your wingman? Select TEAM play! Free to play with upgrade options available
after you accumulate XP and coins!

THIS is Fighter Royale – Last Ace Flying! Are you ready for the challenge?

Fly dozens of authentic WWII Aircraft

Planes that look and fly so authentically it feels like the real thing!

Take to the skies in any one of 25 painstakingly crafted and influential WWII aircraft from five nations (US, Great Britain, Germany, Soviet Union and Japan).   Switch to new aircraft during the battle, or concentrate on finding real-time upgrades for your current plane. A skilled pilot will learn how to best take advantage of each aircraft and master its strengths and weaknesses with the goal of being the Last Ace Flying!

Fairness is the Name of the game

There is no substitute for skill and you can’t buy your way to the top!

To ensure a level playing field, each and every battle starts with ALL players in a basic, tier one plane.  Pilots can quickly upgrade their planes during the fight, and can even swap into a new model on the fly, but focusing on too many upgrades can leave you vulnerable and exposed.  The best of the best will strike a balance between scoring points through engaging with targets, evading enemies, and shooting down other player pilots.  Skilled pilots have an advantage, but these aircraft are deadly and even a novice can take down a top-ranked pilot when the conditions are right!  Be the Last Ace Flying!

Amazing Flight Controls with Any Device or Controller

Planes feel responsive and authentic with a mouse, a joystick, or controller!

You might expect that the feel and precise control is great when using a joystick in a game like Fighter Royale – Last Ace Flying and you wouldn’t be wrong.  But we took on the challenge of also making it feel great when you use a mouse or controller, and we are pretty darn proud of the results if we do say so ourselves.  Whether you will love the authentic feel of using a joystick, or prefer using a mouse, you will love the control and responsiveness!

Battle over the Islands of the South Pacific

Experience flying and fighting in a diverse island chain that provides a variety of terrain challenges and settings for the action!

The setting for this epic battle is the skies over a diverse chain of islands inspired by the South Pacific.  Scream past vertical cliff faces, race through canyons and soar over sandy white beaches.  Skirt the patrolling naval ships, or equip torpedoes and attack them head on.  Avoid the anti-aircraft guns from ships and land batteries, then utilize the terrain to shake a pesky enemy pilot.  The fun in Fighter Royale – Last Ace Flying is in both attacking enemies and evading danger to survive as long as you possibly can!