Game Tips

How can I learn to maneuver using the mouse?

  • Make sure MOUSE is selected in the SETTINGS/Controller screen.
  • You can adjust sensitivity in the same screen if you mouse is not responding as you feel it should.
  • Use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease throttle.
  • Click on left mouse button to fire guns.
  • Click on mouse wheel to fire rockets.
  • Hold right mouse button and move mouse to look around without turning the plane.

How do I use the mouse to fire my guns, launch rockets or torpedoes for ships?

  • Move your mouse to face your target. Adjust position until the cross-hairs are pointing at the target then press left mouse button to fire guns.
  • Use the red circle as an aiming guide for targeting in-flight aircraft.
  • Remember that both bullets and rockets are subject to gravity so the further away they are, the higher you need to aim to compensate for gravity.
  • Click on the mouse wheel or press the “2” on your keyboard to fire rockets.
  • Use the “5” on your keyboard to launch a torpedo.

How do I use a joystick or controller in game?

  • In the game window, click on SETTINGS; then on controller.
  • In the window, select your choice.
  • You can use the default button settings or customize them.
  • Be careful in reassigning buttons as you may create a conflict.

How do I find enemy planes?

  • Watch the radar! Those red dots are enemy planes!
  • Pick up the “enemy pointers” power-up.
  • Watch for plumes of vapor or smoke trailing from planes.

How can I chat in game?

There are two ways to chat in game.

  • To type your chat, hit enter on your keyboard. That will bring up a chat window. Type your comment. Then hit enter again to send.
  • If you purchased an VIPoption, you automatically have voice chat in the arena.

My rockets and torpedoes are not destroying objects. What can I do?

  • Rockets are subject to gravity so the further away you are, the higher (above the target) you need to aim to compensate. Try to get in closer, especially for moving targets like ships and bombers, to maximize effectiveness.
  • Ships are generally moving so be sure to fire ahead of the ship in its direction of motion so you don’t miss it. The further away you are, the more you need to lead the ship to hit it.

How do I evade or destroy an enemy on my six (behind me)?

  • Learn evasive maneuvers such as a split esse, barrel roll, wing over or immelman.
  • Use 3 on your keyboard to release a smoke screen so you can attempt to lose your pursuer.
  • Use 4 on your keyboard to release chaff (small bits of metal) which will damage any plane approaching you from behind or below you.

I need to improve my flying skills. How can I do this?

  • Be sure to go through the flight tutorials at the beginning of the game.
  • You can also fly the game offline to hone skills and develop survival strategies.

How do I repair my plane?

There are two ways to “repair” your plane

  1. Fly through a RED parachute. This restores your plane to 100%.
  2. Fly through any gold medallion, either hung from a parachute or located on the islands. Be careful. This option replaces the model of the plane you are flying with the level of plane indicated on the medallion.

What kind of ships are in game? How do I destroy a ship or airship?

  • There are several types of ships in game, some of which have defensive guns which protect them.
  • To destroy them, you must use either torpedoes or rockets.
  • To drop torpedoes successfully, approach the ship at an altitude of under 200 feet and “lead” the ship before you hit 5 because most of the ships are moving.

I see messages in game about bombers. What do bombers do in the game?

  • Bombers occasionally drop Level V parachutes or torpedo parachutes.
  • You cannot pilot a bomber, but you can destroy them using bullets and rockets. Destroying these will help you progress through levels more quickly.

What are ground targets?

  • Ground targets are buildings, tanks, fuel storage tanks, dirigibles etc., that are found throughout the islands.
  • You can earn points by destroying these with guns or rockets.

What are the rules for the arena?

  • In the first two minutes for the arena, you may practice shooting, firing rockets and torpedoes but no deaths count until the timer reaches 0. An announcement will advise you that the game has started and you will respawn.
  • The first minute of active play, guns are COLD. This means they will not fire. This provides you with an opportunity to fly away from other players and collect needed power-ups by flying through parachutes that have been dropped.
  • Be sure to pick up chaff and smoke screen, as they are exceptionally good for defense!
    • Chutes
      • Supplies – Icons are easy to distinguish
        • Cloud – white parachute– smoke screen
        • Mace – black parachute – chaff .. which is deadly! Avoid flying through it.
        • 3 Bullets – gray parachute—replenishes regular bullets
        • Rocket – orange parachute—replenishes rockets
        • Torpedoes – blue parachute—replenishes torpedoes
        • Plane Repair – red parachute—repairs plane without changing plane model
      • Gold Parachutes, labeled with I, II, III etc. allow you to “switch planes” by flying through it. There is a time limit on how often you can switch planes. Bombers drop Level V ‘chutes which provide the most powerful planes in game.
      • Green Parachutes (with a question mark) are surprise gifts! Until you fly through it, you will not know what you received. Some items are enemy pointers, advanced map, and the *really* good one is armor penetrating bullets!
      • Red Parachutes will repair your plane to 100%. The only other way to repair is to fly through a gold medallion identified with a roman numeral, but this also switches planes.
    • The last pilot flying will be awarded the win.
    • You earn recognitions by destroying objects, ships, and other planes.
    • A “fence,” designated by a red line on the map, defines the active flight area. Stay inside it! Otherwise your plane will take damage.
    • The fence will shrink as the game progresses, forcing the action into a smaller area.

How do I know what targets to destroy?

  • As you play, you will learn that certain ground objects have more value than others. The same is true for ships and planes.
  • In order to accumulate a higher score and progress through levels, go for these targets before other pilots destroy them.

How can I move to a higher level? What other recognitions can I receive while flying?

  • Each time you fly in the Battle arena, you can earn rewards, unlock achievements and accumulate XP to progress to higher levels which provide you access to higher level planes, skins, and avatars.
  • Check the leaderboards on the website to see your progress.
  • To see achievements (ribbons and awards), click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the game web site while logged in.