Fighter Royale October release

The core focus of this release is on allowing users to help us determine  their favorite game “style”.

First, we removed the elimination line, which was forcing players to focus on the ground instead of the air combat and our surveys indicated was not well loved by players.

Second, we  have introduced 3 new game modes:

  1. Air Attack: all power-ups and supplies are in the air as parachutes so 100 players will focus just on air combat
  2. Inferno: like Air Attack but with 50 players in a much smaller arena and plenty of deadly power-ups, this is meant to be a quick and furious furball
  3. In-Flight Armory: in this game mode players get points by destroying other players or other targets (on the sea, ground or in the air) and can use their points to get more power-ups or planes  during the session. 

Each player is randomly assigned to one of the three games when they start, but everyone has the option to switch between them from the main menu.   We will read the telemetry to evaluate the most successful game mode and we will add at least one more mode in the coming weeks with the goal of shaping the game around the players’ preferences.

We have also improved the following elements:

  • New visual effects: chaff, projectiles and explosions
  • Improved fence look and movement logic, including moving the fence at game end
  • Updated tutorial for new game modes
  • Better bomber group behavior, no more crashes
  • Spectator mode:
    • better spectator controls
    • visual overlay with more data for spectating plane: damage state and ammo.
    • view from plane A to plane B
    • improved spectator camera transition
  • Improved HUD: score table, fence warning
  • New “Sniper view” power-up
  • Audio improvements: explosion sound, fence shrink ticking sound
  • Warm-up
    • Added Power-ups
    • Allow players to try random Tier 5 plane
  • Different starting positions and power-up placement, clustering 
  • Improved MIG token generation UI in the launcher

And one more thing;  We introduced a sneak peek at our next release “play with friends” by implementing a new “Join arena by code” capability.
Players hitting TAB will see a code like “A76T” which they can share with their friends.  The friend simply types the code into the main menu to:

  • join their friend’s warm-up session if the battle has not yet started, this way many people can join and play against each other in the same arena; 
  • or become a spectator for an already started session following their friend around, and getting into the next arena with them.

Hope to see you in the unfriendly skies!