How do I register?

On fighterroyale.com//fighterroyale.com, click on PLAY NOW or LOG IN.
In the next window, choose one of the social network icons (Facebook, Google+, Steam, Discord) to automatically create an account OR type in the requested information in each field. Then click the “complete registration” button.
After you have created an account, return to the LOG IN button to sign into the website.

How do I install the game software?

  1. Download the installer by clicking the DOWNLOAD button here.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Once the installer has been run, it will automatically start the FighterRoyale Launcher.
  4. The game assets will be downloaded. Please be patient. It may take several minutes.
  5. After all assets have been downloaded, you will be taken to the Battle screen. Click on Battle to move to the MODE of PLAY screen.
  6. Select the mode of play- Solo or Team. Then the game will load.
  7. After you quit the game, you will have to click on the PLAY FOR FREE to return to the arena.

How do I launch the game?

  1. Log in on the website.
  2. Click the PLAY FOR FREE button

I’m having problems launching that game. What can I try?

If you encounter problems installing the game software, please check these items

  1. Make sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements to play
  2. Check to make sure that you do not have a pop-up blocker or spyware stopper running in the browser you are using
  3. Some antivirus/security programs require you to create an exemption in order to install Fighter Royale. Check the security software website for instructions on how to do this.

What are the minimum system requirements to run the game?

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 [64 bits]
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Processor: CPU Intel i3 [2.2 GHz]
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9xx + 9xxM [2 GB] / AMD Radeon RX 200 [2GB]
  • DirectX: 11


How can I learn to maneuver the planes using a mouse?

  • Make sure MOUSE is selected in the SETTINGS/Controller screen.
  • You can adjust sensitivity in the same screen if you mouse is not responding as you feel it should.
  • Use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease throttle.
  • Click on left mouse button to fire guns.
  • Click on mouse wheel to fire rockets.
  • Hold right mouse button and move mouse to look around without turning the plane.

My rockets and torpedoes are not destroying objects. What can I do?

Try to get in closer, especially for moving targets like ships and bombers, to maximize the rocket’s effectiveness.

Ships are generally moving so be sure to aim ahead of them in the direction of forward motion. The further away you are, the more you need to lead the ship to hit it. Also, you need to slow your plane under 200 mph and maneuver under 200 ft in order to launch the torpedo.

How do I evade or destroy an enemy on my six?

There are two countermeasures that you can employ:

– Use 3 on your keyboard to release a smoke screen so you can attempt to lose your pursuer.
– Use 4 on your keyboard to release chaff (small bits of metal) which will damage any plane approaching you from behind.

How do I know what targets to destroy?

Target selection is your choice! For any ground or air target you destroy, you will earn XP to help you progress to the next level.

How do I use the mouse to fire my guns, to launch rockets or torpedoes for ships ?

Move your mouse to face your target. Adjust position until the cross-hairs are pointing at the target then press left mouse button to fire guns.

Use the red circle as an aiming guide for targeting in-flight aircraft.

Remember that both bullets and rockets are subject to gravity so the further away they are, the higher you need to aim to compensate for gravity.

Click on the mouse wheel or press the “2” on your keyboard to fire rockets.

Use the “5” on your keyboard to launch a torpedo.

I need to improve my flying skills. How can I do this?

Select the Flight Training arena. There you will find enemy planes that you can practice against.

What are the rules for the Battle Royale arena?

The rules are simple! Everyone and everything is a target!

  1. The last pilot flying wins the arena!
  2. You earn XP and coins by completing daily tasks, by shooting down other planes, and by destroying ground targets.
  3. The “fence” defines the active flight area. If you fly outside the fence, you have a short opportunity to return to the active area. While you are outside the fence, your plane will be damaged, so move back as quickly as you can!

How do I change planes?

Everyone starts in the same plane – P-40C. You can change to a different plane by flying through a gold medallion, either on the ground or floating from a parachute.

Why does the arena “fence” shrink?

The fence defines the active portion of the map and concentrates the action. You can check the fence position by viewing the map. You may only leave the defined area for 30 seconds before you are eliminated as indicated by the countdown timer on the screen.

What kind of ships are in the game? How do I destroy them?

There are several types of ships in the arena – carriers, destroyers, packets, tugboats. Some ships have powerful AA; others have no protection.

To destroy ships, use torpedoes or rockets.

I see messages about bombers. What do bombers do in the game?

Bombers fly at random times through the active area. They drop torpedoes and Tier 5 plane upgrades! While you cannot pilot a bomber, you can destroy them to earn XP.

What are ground targets?

Ground targets are buildings, tanks, fuel storage tanks, dirigibles etc that are found throughout the islands. You can earn XP and complete daily challenges by destroying these with guns or rockets.

How do I move up levels? What other recognition can I receive while flying?

Each time you fly in the arena, you can earn rewards, unlock achievements, and accumulate XP to move up levels. As you log into game, click on PILOT to see where you are and what you need to move up to the next level. Check the leaderboards on the website to see how you’re doing! To see achievements, click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the website while logged in.

What “power ups” are in the arena?

As game play begins, you will see parachutes with icons attached dropping into the arena.

Learn the icons and their colors! Each offers specific help, with the exception of the mystery (?) parachute, which provides random supplies/assistance.

In addition to re-supplying your plane with rockets, chaff, and smoke screen, you will find icons that give you:

Speed Boost (for those planes capable of using it)
Enemy Pointers;
Map PowerUps;
Armor Penetrating Bullets;
Sniper View (allows you to zoom in on the action);

Gold medallions (either found on island or floating down with parachutes) allow you to change your plane model (depending on what you have earned/purchased on the Hangar screen).

What is a VIP?

Every player can become a member of the VIP Club (Very Important Pilots)! By purchasing the $4.98 per month VIP option found on the BATTLE screen:

  • You will unlock early access to one new plane!
  • You will unlock all skins!
  • You will earn daily rewards faster!
  • You will unlock access to planes and skins 3 times faster!
  • You receive a new colorful avatar!

How can I chat in game?

Text chat in game is easy! Hit enter to bring up text field. Type your message; then hit enter again to send your message into the arena.

What about VOICE chat? It is available in all arenas if you purchase the VIP option.

Can I play with my friends (TEAM play)?

Having your friends join you in an arena is easy! If you host a SOLO game, all you need to do is click that option, which will give you a special code that you send to your friends by messenger or voice (if you have them on a channel). Then when they input the code, they will be in the same Free for All arena with you.

Want to fly as a TEAM? Click the TEAM option; then click “Create Team”. You can have up to 3 other players on your team. Send them the 4-letter code to join your team. If you wish to fly with only one wingman, uncheck the last two boxes.

What is the purpose of the Daily Tasks I see mentioned as the game loads?

By completing the daily tasks, you earn XP and coins that you can accumulate. Later, you will be able to use these to purchase plane upgrades, skins, and avatars!


The game is not running well on my computer. What options can I change to resolve the problem?

There are several options to improve performance of the game. While on the Arena Royale screen, click on the SETTINGS/Video option.

  1. Change from full screen to “windowed mode” resolution.
  2. Reduce any of the “Quality” settings to improve frame rate. Turning off dust and water trails, reducing Terrain Details and Shadows will help.
  3. You may need to try several settings combinations to see what works best on your hardware.
  4. Reducing the resolution will also improve framerates

How do I set up my joystick/controller?

First, make sure your joystick/controller is plugged in before you launch the game.
Then when you go to the SETTINGS/Controller option, make sure that your joystick is highlighted and the name of your joystick shows in DEVICE.

Under JOYSTICK SETTINGS, there are multiple options. First, try the joystick in the offline training. Then return to the SETTINGS/Controller screen to adjust for each Axis:
– Axis sensitivity
– Axis jitter correction
– Axis dead zone

How can I create a custom key map for my joystick/controller buttons?

On the BATTLE, click on SETTINGS; then click on Key Mapping.

If there are preset buttons assigned that you wish to change, first you must click on that field to clear it; then click on the button on your joystick you wish to assign to that function.

I do not currently have an internet connection. How can I play the game?

Once the software is installed, click on the Fighter Royale Offline icon on your desktop.