Fighters of the Rising Sun
A6M5a Zero
Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter Model 52a Rei-sen (Zero Fighter) – Mitsubishi A6M5a ZERO
By the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, the Imperial Japanese Navy had 126 Zeke Model 21s assigned to carrier duties and another 213 assigned to land-based squadrons. Over the…
Ki-100-Ia Tony
Army Type 5 Fighter Model I Ko ‘Goshiki-sen’ – Kawasaki Ki-100-Ia TONY
In 1944, the Kawasaki Ki-61 (construction of which was obviously inspired by Bf-109), still being one of the best fighters in IJAAS arsenal, was falling behind newest Allied fighters.Seeking to…
Ki-84-Ic Frank
Army Type 4 Fighter Model I Hei ‘Hayate’ (Gale) – Nakajima Ki-84-Ic FRANK
Ki-43s were only just starting to see action when the Koku Hombu ordered Nakajima to develop a replacement. The specifications called for a top speed of at least 640 kph…
Ki-44-IIb Tojo
Army Type 2 Fighter Model II Otsu ‘Shoki’ – Nakajima Ki-44-IIb TOJO
Faced with an increase in B-29 raids from China and the Marianas, the Japanese Army issued specifications for a high-speed, high-altitude fighter capable of intercepting the American bombers. Unlike other…
Ki-43-IIb Oscar
Army Type 1 Fighter Model II Otsu ‘Hayabusa’ Nakajima Ki-43-IIb
By 1937, the Japanese Army had abandoned the use of competitive contracts to obtain aircraft designs and Nakajima was ordered to build a new fighter to replace the Ki-27 then…



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